In his presentations on the Native culture Eagle would follow the “Honor Song to the Great Spirit” with the teachings from the Sacred Circle.  Since fire is the oldest element and the element of the West, he gave fire respect by beginning the teachings in the West.  West is the direction of introspection.  It is here that Bear resides.  Bear is the power of introspection.  When we quiet the mind and enter the silence, we receive answers to the questions we have.  This place of inner-knowing is called the Dream Lodge. (Jamie Sams)

Eagle and I enjoyed travelling.  When we lived in Edmonton, we made road trips to the BC coast.  On occasion we would see bears along Canada’s Highway #1 in British Columbia.  We were always excited to see the wildlife.  While he drove, I would keep my eyes on the paths the wildlife had carved along the fence lines that followed the highway in Banff National Park.  These fences protected the travelers and the animals as there were overpasses that allowed the animals to cross the highway.  Bear was rarely close to the highway but always within site in an opening.  We saw black bear and brown bear. 

Brown Bear is the animal totem of those born during the Harvest Moon.  Grizzly Bear is the Spirit Keeper of the West.  (Sun Bear)  The color of the West is black and, sometimes, blue.

EagleChild Native Flute Music

Listen to Bear in the following songs:

Listen to the song “Introspective Love” . . .
Listen to the song “The Grizzly Bear Song” . . .

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