And His Legacy

Eagle Child was a man of destiny. He followed that destiny all through his life and never compromised his truth despite how others may have treated him. He was strong, opinionated at times and bold, advancing despite the many setbacks he encountered. His love and music will live on in the hearts of those who were blessed to experience him. We have all been graced by knowing him. He firmly stood up for what he felt was right treatment, respect of his beliefs and the opportunity to share his teachings and music with others.

We will, all of us, miss Eagle Child dearly as he lives on in our hearts and our choices as we go forward with his courage and tenacity to create the world of our visions and dreams. We love you Eagle Child. May you soar like the Eagle and bring us the hope, the faith and the dedication to make this world a better place for having lived here.

Arianha Bialon
Church of the Golden Age

Eagle’s Native flute music and message of harmlessness are his legacy. He wanted the world to hear his beautiful music and his message because he believed Mother Earth and the world the human beings have created needs to be healed. May his celestial music and his timeless message of harmlessness speak to our hearts.  [by M.]

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