Eagle’s connection to the web of life is apparent in the titles of the songs he recorded.  Although he acknowledged the beings connected to the Sacred Circle, he also joined the celestial nature of his music with other beings connected to Mother Earth.  This is so true of Hummingbird who sings a vibration of pure joy. This fragile being harmonizes with celestial music and opens our hearts to the beauty of life and the joys of living (Jamie Sams).

Hummingbirds are enchanting — whenever Hummingbird appears, there is joy.

Hummingbird is adored.  My favorite story about Hummingbird took place at our friends in Jerome, Arizona.  She fed these tiny beings with love.  Every morning and evening they would arrive and jostle for position to feed at her stations.  And to ensure their wellbeing while they waited their turns, she put up a twig swing.  The hummingbirds would patiently sit side by side.  There would be more than a dozen at the morning and evening feeds.  We would sit quietly indoors and observe.  Pure joy!

Eagle Child Music and Teachings

Hummingbird sings a vibration of pure joy and opens our hearts to the beauty of life and the joys of living.

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