Horse is sacred to the Native people.  Horse helped the people move their belongings, aided the men on their hunts, and were prized in counting coup.  Today we have horses by different names – Ford, Chrysler, Mercedes, and Tesla etc.  Eagle always said that it is important that you look after your horse because it is a reflection of how you look after yourself.  So . . . look after your vehicles!  and yourself!! 

Horse is both physical and unearthly power.  As spiritual beings having human experiences we often need assistance in the choices we make.  Horse opens our intuition and guides us on our journey within to receive the answers to our questions.  Further, Horse reveals the wisdom learned and gives the strength of balance on our earth walks.  (Jamie Sams)

EagleChild Native Flute Music

Journey with Horse in the song, “Strength of the Horse” . . .


by M.

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