the number 5

Birthdays were always special to Eagle.  He was an early New Years’ baby and, although “it was Christmas all over again”, his early arrival meant he lost out on a year when playing in the local sports leagues.  Eagle and I always went to The Keg on our birthdays when we were living in Canada.  Escargot, steak, baked potato and birthday cake (either cheesecake or apple crumble).

Birthday breakfasts were special, too.  Eagle’s father enjoyed taking us out to Birthday breakfasts.  And we enjoyed it, too.  Especially Eagle’s fiftieth birthday.  We went to “Larry’s Café” on Whyte Avenue.  This was a breakfast and lunch place owned and operated by Larry.  It was quite popular and, with the wife and daughter taking and placing orders, everyone got to know them easily.  Such was the atmosphere on Eagle’s birthday breakfast.  And Larry himself was making the rounds with the coffee.  Eagle’s dad announced to Larry that it was his son’s fiftieth birthday that day.  Larry wished him “Happy Birthday” and went on his way.  A few minutes later Larry returned to the table with a chocolate cake and said to Eagle, “Happy Birthday!  For you!”  Yes, a whole cake!!  What a surprise!  Eagle was so overwhelmed as it was only the morning.  He believed that the whole day represented the year to come—“all good weather in the forecast”.

the number 5

If you add up the individual numbers of your age, you will get a number between 1 and 9.  The number 5 represents change.  Eagle would say that the choices you make in a number 5 year determine the next four years.  Five is in the middle; therefore, it represents a shift, a transition.  The following year saw Eagle and I moving into an apartment where we stayed for four years!!

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Since we are always moving forward, we need to be aware of the choices we make along our journeys.

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