my heart

my Heart

Throughout the year Eaglechild and I first met, I heard music — the loving voice of the Native flute. I later learned that the Native flute was used by the male to court the female. How true the legend is — the music I heard was his!

When I first met Eaglechild, he told me that he used his Spirit name publicly. I responded that “Eaglechild” was who he was. And I was right as he and his heart remained true to his Native roots as pipe carrier and elder throughout our journey together. He was a humble man whose indigenous soul spoke to the healing of humanity and Mother Earth . . . to make the world a better place for all.

May we all be aware of our connections with the Sacred Hoop of Life. And may we discover the “balance, harmony, and respect” all beings have in Divine Oneness. Let us make the world a better place for our children and the next seven generations.

I hope you have enjoyed your journey throughout this blog. Eagle’s music, teachings, and designs have been the focus. We are all blessed with the music and teachings Eagle Child held dear to his heart.

Eagle ChildHarmony, Peace, Light.  Eagle held these energies from Divine Source.  He told me of the importance of being in the present – the moment of ‘now’.  When in the present moment (without the ego mind as described by Eckhart Tolle) we are able to connect to Divine Source and to the Divine energies of Harmony, Peace, and Light.  If you are not present in Divine Source, you will not find Harmony, Peace, and Light outside yourself.  The choice is yours.

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Eagle Child Music and Teachings

Eagle once asked his friends of the ‘Coffee Pot Tribe’, “Which part of you is most native?”  After discussion his answer was, “I had hoped you would have said ‘your heart’.”  May your heart discover the Harmony, Peace, and Light of Divine Source in the present moment of ‘now’.

Enjoy the music and show your appreciation (funds maintain this blog).

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by Myrna Child.

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my Heart

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