After Eagle’s triple bypass in 2009 he developed trash foot.  His feet had become so dry that the skin was cracking.  I purchased a cream from the drugstore and all seemed to be healing well except for a couple of sores.  The foot pain was becoming unbearable and he was prescribed a strong pain killer which he had to take four times a day.  So we set our cellular phone alarms – Eagle’s phone was set at 11am and 5pm while mine was set at 11pm and 5am.  Without the regular dose the pain was not controlled.   During this time Eagle had a stroke.  His recovery involved physiotherapy to improve his balance.  The therapist could not understand why Eagle’s balance was not improving and decided to look at Eagle’s feet.  When he saw the two sores, he prescribed a homeopathic salve – Plantain and Golden Seal – which had to be applied twice a day.  Eagle had developed dry gangrene in his feet!!  And it was getting close to the bone!  With the consistency of the daily routine Eagle’s feet healed within two months and he no longer needed the pain medication.

Elk medicine teaches stamina.  Pace yourself to complete your endeavors successfully.  (Jamie Sams)

Eagle was knowledgeable about crystals and semi/precious gems.  One of the interesting bits of information he would mention was Elk’s wisdom teeth.  These teeth are classified as ivory and represent love to the Native people – Native brides have elk teeth sewn onto their traditional hide wedding dresses.  Elk love medicine.

Eagle Child Native Flute Music

Elk medicine teaches stamina.  Pace yourself to complete your endeavors successfully.

Pace yourself to Elk’s embrace – “Elk Embrace”. . .

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