pipe carrier

Pipe Carrier

Eagle was introduced to the native culture while attending university.  He was given the task of writing a paper about the native culture using the book, “Seven Arrows” by Hyemeyohsts Storm.  The book illustrated the “Medicine Wheel” of the Cheyenne people.  [Eagle preferred the term “Sacred Circle” because, he said, “The native people had a tendency to burn wheels.”  smile]  Upon graduation his father gifted him with a Sacred Pipe that was awakened in ceremony.  It was during this ceremony that Eagle received the name “Eaglechild”.  His life as a pipe carrier began.  (A pipe carrier is one who uses the Sacred Pipe as a praying tool.  When used, all the prayers of the Universe are heard by Divine Source.)

Eagle became president of the Plains Indians Cultural Survival School in Calgary, Alberta.  Now he attended native conferences and workshops.  Here Eagle learned about the current issues and the depth of the native culture as he honed what became his presentation on the native culture.  He blended numerology with the wisdom of the Sacred Circle to present “HARMLESSNESS” in the conclusion of his presentations.  Eagle’s knowledge of the native culture was illustrated beautifully when he learned the art of silver smithing.  Using the spiritual energy of gems and semi-precious stones, he handcrafted animal totems and feathers to create his “Good Medicine Sterling Silver Jewelry”.

Eagle left Calgary and took his artistry to Vancouver (Canada) and to Sedona (Arizona).  He was self-employed and lived his life traditionally – relying on the Great Spirit to provide.  Eagle was attracted to the spirituality of Sedona and participated in many pipe ceremonies where his reputation grew.

When he experienced a horrific bicycle accident that injured his hands, Eagle taught himself to play a native flute he had been gifted.  He played alongside Patrick Ki at various local events and hoped to get into the entertainment industry when he moved to Santa Monica (California).  When this did not materialize, Eagle made a detour in Las Vegas – while returning to Sedona – to visit family in Edmonton (Canada).

Eagle always enjoyed creating the jewelry and doing presentations on the native culture.  He shared his knowledge of native culture, earth astrology and numerology with audiences of all ages and of all venues – festivals, prisons, schools, churches, and conferences.  And he especially enjoyed playing the Native flute throughout his teachings.  Eagle always concluded his presentations with the message of HARMLESSNESS.  He saw this teaching as a healing for the human beings and their relationship within the Sacred Hoop of Life.

Eagle was steadfast in his connection to Spirit as shown by his humble attitude.  Whenever someone would express that life was not fair, Eagle would respond, “Are you saying God is doing it wrong?”  Yes, Eagle became a pipe carrier, not for himself, but for the highest good of all.

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Pipe Carrier

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