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Eagle’s music and song titles always reflected a connection to the native culture – the Spirit world and the Manifest world.  Also, this connection between Spirit and Manifestation was visible in a primary resource he enjoyed using in teaching the native culture – a book called “The Medicine Wheel – Earth Astrology” by Sun Bear and Wabun.  In this book Sun Bear describes the mineral, the plant, and the animal totems of each monthly cycle.  The seasons and their spirit keepers as well as native legends are illustrated in detail.  The earth astrology he presents guides people in their daily living and throughout their life paths; and by embracing the elemental forces of nature one becomes part of the whole, part of the oneness of the circle of life . . . the Sacred Hoop of the Universe.

Earth Astrology

Earth astrology is based on life relationships to Mother Earth.  Unlike the sun astrology that we are familiar with, earth astrology connects the human beings to the web of life on Mother Earth.

While attending the University of Calgary, Eagle was introduced to the Native culture when he wrote a paper based on the novel, “Seven Arrows” by Hyemeyohsts Storm.  After graduation, as President of the Plains Indians Cultural Survival School in Calgary, Eagle met many native teachers who influenced his spirit journey on earth.  These experiences grew into his presentation on the native culture that became his book, “from the Heart of an Eagle” “as spoken by EagleChild”.

Eagle presented the Sacred Circle and his message of harmlessness throughout North America – he adjusted his teachings to the audience, whether they were at schools, churches, prisons, hospitals, conferences, or artist venues.  His teachings of harmlessness were based on earth astrology and its connection to Spirit.

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Eagle Child Music and Teachings

“All things are our relatives; what we do to everything, we do to ourselves.  All is really One.”  Black Elk

Connect to the oneness of life . . . “For All My Relations”.
Embrace the Sacred Hoop as you dance . . . “Dancing Around the Circle”.
Be one as you . . .  “Walk in Beauty”.

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