Ravens are often mistaken for crows (who are keepers of the Universal law).  Raven guards the door of the Void and brings the magic of creation – the Great Spirit emerged from the Great Mystery and lives in the Void (“the home of all that is not yet in form”).  As messenger of the Great Mystery Raven carries the magic of darkness that brings light – forms and shapes are redefined as your consciousness changes.  (Jamie Sams)

Eagle and I loved to see Raven.  In Sedona we lived on the red rock of Panorama Boulevard and from the living/sun room’s glass wall we would see ravens gliding on the wind above the town and time stood still.  In Flagstaff, Arizona, we stopped for coffee at Starbucks and ravens were within ten feet of us.  I could feel the magical energy of their iridescent black feathers.  Now whenever I see Raven, I think of magic . . . new beginnings that are being created.

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Mystic Raven brings the manifestation of our consciousness – the magic of creation.

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