Eagle taught that every human being is female (left side) and male (right side).  Our feminine side receives and our masculine side gives.  In order to receive we have to say “no” to something so there is room to receive.  Eagle would tell me to let go of limiting ideas.  Interesting.  When in my hometown in Alberta I enjoyed playing Bingo at the Elk’s Monday night, I would repeatedly say to myself “win”.  After Eagle proposed before my trip to Las Vegas, he asked me to make hotel arrangements and reservations were made at Binion’s.  Meanwhile Eagle received in the mail a promotion from the Wynn for three free nights.  And it was for real!!  He confirmed everything with the Wynn and I cancelled Binion’s.  We won!!  B-I-G!  The Wynn!!  We married and enjoyed every minute in Las Vegas.  And we celebrated in beautiful Sedona!

Otter medicine balances the female energies (Earth and Water) in everyone.  Female energy is the side of us that receives.  Learn to flow with the Universe – “the only flow is the flow of love from the Great Spirit to you, from you to others, and from others back to you.” (Jamie Sams)

Eagle Child Music and Teachings

Let go of that which does not serve your highest good so you can receive the joy of living.  Otter teaches us to play so the flow of receiving, of living, is not restricted.

Connect with Otter’s feminine side and receive what is yours to have – “Otter Energy”. . .

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