Throughout our travels Eagle and I did not see Wolf in nature.  We did, however, enjoy their company at friends’ homes in Las Vegas and Sedona.  Eagle had connected with a fire fighter of Clark County (Las Vegas) who had four wolves.  The wild nature of these wolves was still very much a part of their way.  I respected them from a distance while Eagle and his friend would interact with them daily.

When Eagle returned to Sedona in 2004, he rented an apartment that was connected to a private residence.  Between them was a yard dedicated to three beings – a mother wolf, her son, and a third.  One day when Eagle was at his back door, the mother wolf (who was quiet and gentle) sat in front of him and sang a howling song to Eagle.  He was so touched.  When I witnessed this on a later occasion, I, too, was touched by the humbling howl.  A song just for Eagle!  What a beautiful bond between the two of them.  It was as if she had chosen Eagle.  She was honoring Eagle for who he was.  What a connection!  To me this illustrates our Oneness, living together in harmony.   . . .  A beautiful memory.


Eagle Child Music and Teachings

Wolf is teacher, family, and loyalty.  Wolf medicine teaches us to be a part of society while manifesting our individual dreams.  (Jamie Sams)  This is so important today as the human beings have to work together to be one with all beings.

Begin your day with “Wolf Mornings” . . .
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Manifest your dreams “Through the Light of the Wolf” . . .

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