Whale carries the history of Mother Earth and helps us to connect to the Earth Goddess.  (When Lemuria sank into the ocean, Lemuria transitioned into a whale.)  With the help of Whale we balance the water of our emotional bodies with the “earth” of our physical bodies.  (Jamie Sams)

Eagle and I had wanted to travel to Haida Gwaii up the British Columbia coast line.  Here you experience the rugged beauty of the rainforest and the cultural richness of a lifestyle still connected to Mother Earth.  Weathered totem poles, long houses, kayaking, hiking, camping, and whale watching.  Eagle and I thought that seeing these magnificent beings would be so extraordinary.  We always enjoyed the ferry to Vancouver Island and Haida Gwaii would have been the experience of a lifetime.  Haida Gwaii . . . a connection to experience.

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Whale connects us to Mother Earth and brings balance to our emotional and physical bodies.  “Whale Tones”, the voice of the lost continent of Lemuria, speaks to the balance of all beings on Mother Earth.

Connect to the ancient voices of Mother Earth through “Whale Tones” . . .

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