The dance around the Circle begins and ends in the South.  It is here that we humble ourselves in preparation for introspection and in gratitude for all received during the dance.  Thus another dance around the Circle begins.

As we come to the end of a cycle and begin a new cycle, we are always moving forward and the circle becomes an upward spiral.  Sometimes we have to repeat the cycle to learn what we need to move forward in our earth walks.

The innocence of South is represented by Deer, sometimes coyote and sometimes mouse.  The color of South is red, and sometimes green.  Coyote is the Spirit Keeper of the South.  (Sun Bear)

Deer is the power of gentleness.  It is through gentleness that you become centered in your place of serenity.   In this place you find the guidance you need to connect to Great Spirit without fear.  (Jamie Sams)  A wonderful place to BE.

Whenever Eagle and I travelled Vancouver Island, we always saw deer.  Here they are a part of the urban and the rural environment.  The deer have a peaceful air about them.  They graze quietly yet are very aware of everything going on around them.  On our way to an excursion along the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton, a buck was standing along the path we were driving on.  So close to us.  We drove slowly and right up to this beautiful being.  As we past him, we were in awe.  We were not threatened, nor did we provoke him.  While the gathering with Ben Calf Rope Society took place, the buck had disappeared.  There was no need to fear amidst nature’s calm.

Eagle Child Music and Teachings

The gentleness of Deer guides you to your place of serenity within.

Walker gently with Deer in “Deer Walker” . . .
Journey with Deer in “The Deer Song” . . .
Surrender to “Deer’s Dream” . . .
Step gently into the peace of the “Deer Dancer” . . .

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