“Round Dance”

The Round Dance is a traditional ceremonial dance that honors those who have crossed into Spirit.  Today the Round Dance is also held at events to promote healing and to unite all as one. 

As I walked with EagleChild, I gained an understanding of the walk around the Sacred Circle.  We are always “dancing” around the Sacred Circle in our earth walks – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and throughout our individual lives.  Upon listening to his presentations on the Sacred Circle I became aware of a circle that is important to our connection to Spirit.  This was most apparent when Eagle received the complement of his Native flute music being a conduit for meditation.

In the South we humble ourselves in innocence to make our initial connection to Spirit.  We are preparing ourselves for the meditation’s introspective journey we are about to make.  At West’s introspection we may ask a question and prepare ourselves for the knowledge and wisdom we are to gain from the North.  We can then apply what we have learned in a good way – the illumination of the East.  Although we may have to act upon this knowledge after the meditation, the Eagle provides us with the mindfulness required to apply what we have learned.  As we finish the meditation, we arrive at the South.  Yet we do not return to the same point at which we started.  The cycle of the seasons is an excellent description of the dance around the circle.  As the year’s cycle ends, a new year’s cycle begins.  It is the same with us.  As we come to the end of a cycle and begin a new cycle, we are always moving forward and the circle becomes an upward spiral. 

Eagle refers to this movement in his book, “from the Heart of an Eagle”.  He noted that we need to learn to think in a circular manner; linear thinking restricts us too much with its beginning and its end.  Circular thinking allows us to continue our earth walks with the knowledge that we are always moving forward.  Although we may have to repeat the cycle to learn what we need to move forward in our earth walks, we are still progressing in an upward spiral.

By remaining grounded to Mother Earth and connected to Spirit in our earth walks we enter a living meditation.  This living meditation allows us to dance around the Sacred Circle and be guided by Spirit.  Our humbleness allows us to communicate with Spirit in a quiet space which creates a mindfulness that is necessary on our earth walks.  When one cycle ends, another begins.  Thus we move forward in an upward spiral that allows us to evolve, grow, and learn from the lessons of life.

We are always “dancing” around the Sacred Circle whether we acknowledge this or not.  For those who meditate I hope this inspires you to observe your journeys within from a new perspective.  For those who face challenges in your lives I hope this viewpoint is a tool you can use to give you the power to choose good ways in your earth walk.  May this upward spiral of life’s journey lift you to being inspired in all good ways.

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