Grandmother Moon

This post is written to honor the Missing and Murdered throughout the world.  My friend, Val of “Giggy’s Beads”, designs and handcrafts beautiful beaded earrings.  She created her Grandmother Moon earrings with the “Missing and Murdered” in mind.  (Please do not copy her design out of respect for the message the earrings represent.  All Authentic Indigenous designs are creations by Native artists and are not to be appropriated.)

The dreamcatcher is made with sparkle thread symbolizing the stars embodied in the black of the night.  Grandmother Moon is at the center of the dreamcatcher.  She is made of bone to represent the ancestors.  As keeper of the knowledge of the night, she knows all.  Together the dreamcatcher and Grandmother Moon symbolize the cleansing of darkness so the night is not feared.  Only the cleansing energy of Grandmother Moon comes through Dream Catcher to protect and guide our paths during the night.  Grandmother Moon’s ribbon skirt sweeps the ground of Mother Earth with the red crystals to gather Mother Earth’s medicine to heal the Missing and Murdered and their families.  Grandmother Moon is cloaked by Raven’s medicine of magic – bringing light into the darkness so Grandmother Moon can light the paths of men and women on their nocturnal journeys to protect them from the unknown.  The Missing and Murdered are not forgotten.  Grandmother Moon.Moon is the “symbol for psychic energy, or the unconscious that holds the secrets of knowledge and wisdom.”  Moon allows us to understand the Great Mystery and life.  (Jamie Sams)

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Moon symbolizes the secrets of knowledge and wisdom of all creation.

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Photo of the moon by R.G.
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