When Eagle returned to Sedona in 2004, he began driving tours to the Grand Canyon, the Hopi Reserve, and to various sites around Sedona.  His day began at five in the morning and, after breakfast and the drive to the Village of Oak Creek, he would start to pick up adventurers at the different resorts and hotels at seven.  I would spend the day in Sedona and then return to the Village at five in the afternoon.  Sometimes he would not arrive until seven o’clock.  After one long day he decided to take the scenic way home.  We were enjoying the beautiful red rocks of Red Rock Loop Road when Eagle braked.  He asked me if I saw “that”.  I said, “No.”  He was already backing up to a drive way.  And there we saw the most beautiful snake.  A Mohave rattler!!  Its emerald green body was loosely coiled and, as it hissed at us repeatedly, the rattle was shaking to warn us off.  Absolutely gorgeous!!  We stayed in our Windstar with the window rolled down and drank in the beauty of Snake.  I have yet to see any photo of the Mohave rattler that reflects the beauty we saw that evening.  Although we would see snake skins that were shed on the road, the Mojave rattler was the only Snake Being we saw face to face.

Snake medicine is transmutation of the fire energy into a change in consciousness.  Snake is the power of creation — the melding of the male and the female into one, producing Divine energy.  Balance.  (Jamie Sams)  Known as the feathered serpent to the Aztecs and the Mayans Snake was the medicine of transformation.  To the Hopi Snake was the messenger of rain.  To the Ojibwe Snake represented patience.  (Sun Bear)

Respect Snake who carries the transforming power of balance.

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Snake changes our consciousness and helps to balance our male and female energies.

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