Snow Goose

Snow Goose is the animal totem of Capricorns (the Earth Renewal Moon).  During this time of rest and renewal (winter), our minds fly while our bodies rest.  Energies gathered throughout the year are balanced giving us the energy required to start new cycles.  (SunBear)

Eagle felt that the 3D world commanded too much attention to the human beings’ wellbeing.  Although society has created a level of comfort for most/many people, our bodies’ energy reserves are being depleted.   Burnout.  This affects everything we do – our physical health, our mental health, and our emotional health, too.  We need time to rest.

In nature spring and summer experience a gathering of energy for the harvest of autumn.  After the harvest is completed, Mother Earth rests during winter to renew and gather her energy resources for the upcoming year.  The traditional nomadic lifestyle of the Native people allowed for a time of rest.  Today’s lifestyle does not; we are always on the go.  We have to address the pace at which we move.

Having a period of rest away from the daily challenges we face is important.  A time out.  Healing music.  Silence.  Meditation.  Stillness.  A moment with Nature.  Sleep.   Snow Goose teaches us to replenish our energy reserves.  Perhaps not for spring but for the next day.

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Snow Goose teaches us to replenish our energy reserves as we journey through the cycles of life.

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