Sunshine Village

One of our favorite memories was our trip to Sunshine Village.  Eagle was an expert downhill skier who enjoyed skiing to the rhythms of songs he carried in his CD player.  I, on the other hand, had yet to master the bunny hill.  Our very first ski trip was to Lake Louise in Banff, Alberta.  Aside from getting frustrated on the T-bar and being coaxed into going on a beginner run, I had absolutely no experience or coordination for the hill.  However, Eagle patiently guided me down the run which took all afternoon because I kept falling down and needed Eagle’s assistance to get me back up!

However, our trip to Sunshine Village was completely different.  Our trip to Sunshine Village was in May, just before the end of ski season.  We had stopped in Calgary to visit a friend of Eagle’s and, after explaining that we were on our way to Sunshine Village, were able to purchase a ski package from someone who had bought it through a silent auction.  Four nights, private ski lessons and a ski package for the week!!  We went our separate ways in the morning – Eagle on the challenging runs while I had my private lesson.  In the afternoon Eagle would correct my mistakes from the morning lessons.  Fresh snow that fell in the evenings made a winter wonderland of white powder.  Although Eagle could not talk anyone into joining us on the hill, he and I enjoyed the trails together as my skills were improving.

Reuben Krabbe at Sunshine Village

Eagle and I also enjoyed skiing at Whistler.  Here we skied the easy run and, after lunch, we skied the run again. The tram has a mid-point where you can either return to the top of the mountain or get off and ski only the bottom half.  I took the tram down to the base while Eagle skied down.  It was longer than he expected and he was totally exhausted at its end.  I had time to change into my winter boots at the van and grabbed his boots so he could change sooner than later.  He was so glad to see me!  After getting his skis, boots, and poles in the van, we relaxed before heading out. We also enjoyed Mount Washington on Vancouver Island.  Happy memories.

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