the Balance of TobaccoEagle often spoke about the importance of tobacco . . . and the importance of one’s thoughts while smoking.  He taught that tobacco was the plant used in the Sacred Pipe by indigenous peoples when they prayed.  Since tobacco is a plant that is both male and female, they prayed knowing that their prayers were balanced by the male and female properties (the giving and the receiving) of the plant.  The balanced prayer was in the smoke that traveled upward to the Universe.  Eagle also told people to be careful of their thoughts while smoking because their thoughts are prayers carried in the smoke of the burning cigarette, cigar, English pipe.

the Sacred Pipe

This illustration of balance is beautiful.  It displays the harmony the Universe is and the balance of all creations on Mother Earth.  The balance of tobacco.

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Give thought to what you create in the words you speak and in the thoughts you have — they are your prayers.

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the Balance of Tobacco

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