Many people fear Owl.  They believe the owl represents death.  Eagle interpreted this passage to mean the end of a cycle which brought new beginnings.  People think in a straight line while our lives flow in cycles.  Death is often thought of as the end.  Period.  I believe that when Owl appears in your life, you are ready for change.  On my return to Edmonton, shortly after I met Eagle, I saw a beautiful snow white owl resting on a power line along the highway.  When I learned about Owl, I recognized the message.  Three months later I had made a major decision in my life and with no regrets.  Intuitive and perceptive Owl encouraged me to see through the darkness of my shadow and face the truth about my choices.  The end of one cycle and the beginning of another.  Thank you, Owl.  (See “You have the Power to Choose!” — Choice.)

Known as Eagle of the Night, Owl is the symbol for wisdom – Owl reveals unseen truths and is associated with magic.  (Jamie Sams)

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Owl represents the end of a cycle and brings new beginnings.  This is the wisdom of Owl.

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