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Eagle Child also used “The Medicine Wheel” by Sun Bear to explain the native birthstone system he used in the “Good Medicine” Sterling Silver Jewelry he designed and handcrafted.  Eagle designed the jewelry as a medium to teach the native culture.  He also designed personal pieces that represented a person’s native birth mineral, animal clan, and numerology.

the Sacred Circle by Eagle Child

Sacred Circle by Eagle Child

The Sacred Circle pendant above was designed and handcrafted by Eagle Child in 2005 while living in Sedona, Arizona.  Carnelian honors the four directions while Turquoise adorns the center, the four directions, and the feathers.  He also handcrafted the Bear, Buffalo, Eagle, and Turtle totems on the pendant.  An extraordinary piece!

Eagle had two “trademarks” on the jewellery he handcrafted.  One was the feather on the shank of the ring.  This feather gave strength to the ring as sterling silver is a soft metal.  The other was his signature that was on the back of every piece.  This signature accompanies his quote, “Yours in harmony, peace, and light…” and is only used by Eagle Child.

The totems today are part of Eagle Child’s design collection.  His designs focus on the teachings he presented and the bead work he wore on his vests.  He truly believed that to be native was to be in one’s heart.

EagleChild Sacred Circle

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You may view Eagle’s current designs on his website.

Eagle Child Music and Teachings

“All things are our relatives; what we do to everything, we do to ourselves.  All is really One.”  Black Elk

Be in your heart . . . “Power of the Loving Heart”.

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