To continue around the Circle we come to the East.  It is here that North’s knowledge provides the basis for illumination – using the information in a good way.  Eagle stressed the importance of choosing HARMLESSNESS when using the information (the North) that answered the questions (the West).  Eagle often said that you have to do more than “Do it!” – “You have to do it right!”   East is the direction of illumination, the strength of the Eagle.

“Eagle medicine is power of the Great Spirit, the connection to the Divine.  It is the ability to live in the realm of spirit, and yet remain connected and balanced within the realm of Earth.”    Eagle medicine brings illumination.  (Jamie Sams)

How true this was of EagleChild.  He lived in both worlds.  In the now.  A living meditation.  Even when he was suffering in so much discomfort he was still in Spirit.  A warrior.  Eagle walked his talk – the power of illumination – using the information he had in a good way.  Harmlessness.

Eagle lived in Spirit.  It was the physical world that brought the suffering he endured.  The Native people did not have disease until the Europeans came.  Heart disease.  Diabetes.  Stroke.  And the psychological and emotional abuses they experienced by those who called themselves Christian.  Residential schools.  Ostracism.  And the uprooting from homelands to areas they knew not how to survive on.  Yet the Native people strive to have their voice heard in a world that does not know harmlessness.  Now is time for Eagle mindfulness – for harmlessness – the medicine of the Eagle.

We have the power to choose harmlessness in the choices we make.  We have the knowledge, the technology, and the means to adapt to the answers our challenges give us. The choices we make in our lives affect the next seven generations – so choose HARMLESSNESS.  Be inspired by the Eagle in the songs of EagleChild.

Eagle is the Spirit Keeper of the East. (Sun Bear)  The colors of the East are yellow and gold.

Eagle Child Music and Teachings

Now is time for Eagle mindfulness – for harmlessness – the medicine of the Eagle.  We do have the power to choose harmlessness in the choices we make.

Resonate with Eagle mindfulness in “Eagle Vibrations” . . .
Connect to the illumination of the Eagle in “Eagle’s Love Song” . . .
Be in your heart as you listen to “The Eagle Song” . . .

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