It has been one year since Eagle returned to Spirit. My intention is to introduce you to the world Eagle saw . . . to the life he was connected to . . . to the life he lived. Allow me to begin by saying, “My life changed when Eagle entered my life. I had agreed to write down the book Eagle wanted to express. As I retyped page after page whenever he made changes, I paid attention to what he was saying. And I learned about the power of choice. I had not realized that my choices had brought me to my present situation and that I was living in a reality that was not serving my highest good. I finally realized “I have a choice!” to move onto something better. It was very difficult to let go of the “energy field” I had created for myself but I knew I had to move to a healthier environment. I did this entirely on my own and Eagle was there to encourage and support me. I have never regretted my choice.”

We become unaware of the choices we make because society directs us to behave in ways that limit our vision of who we really are. The infrastructure of the education system expands into every aspect of our society yet it does not address the much needed connection we have to everything around us. We are directed to pathways that tell us what to do. We focus on pathways that we are familiar with only because that is all we know. And we go down pathways that our emotions command. Through all these choices we disconnect from what is most important – ourselves. Then, hopefully, we find the tools, the information, the strength and the courage to choose for ourselves so we can find the path our indigenous souls command. The power of choice!

Eagle Child Native Flute Music

You are making choices whether you realize it or not.

You have the power to choose – “The Choice Song” . . .

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