Turtles breathe slowly and deeply.  That is why turtles have a long life.  Eagle told people to breathe through the diaphragm as babies do.  Their tummies rise and fall to their lungs’ capacity.  When you breathe slowly and deeply like Turtle, you have the energy you need.  Eagle also said that Turtle is patient and, therefore, we need to learn not to force things to happen.  Everything falls into place.  When you breathe with your lungs, you are tense and tension restricts energy flow.  It is more difficult to accomplish things when you are tense.  So breathe like Turtle.  Be patient.  And do not force.  Turtle patience.

The legend of the turtle.

Turtle is the oldest symbol for Mother Earth; Turtle teaches us to be grounded to the Earth Goddess.  (Jamie Sams)

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Eagle Child Music and Teachings

Turtle grounds us to Mother Earth and teaches us to be patient.

Be still . . . relax . . . and breathe . . .  “Turtle Island Tribute” . . .

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