The Tribute Songs honor Turtle Island and the Tree of Peace. Eagle explained to me that Turtle Island is a term used by First Nations to refer to North America. He also described the Tree of Peace as our connection to Mother Earth (the turtle) and to the Great Spirit (the Eagle).

The Ojibwa legend of Turtle Island.

Eagle Child Native Flute Music

Eagle honors Turtle Island and Mother Earth with the following three songs:

Honor thy Mother – “Turtle Island Tribute” . . .
Connect with thy Mother – “Mother Earth Love Song” . . .
We are one – “Mother Earth’s Love Serenade” . . .

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The Tree of Peace symbolizes the Iroquois Confederacy of the Iroquois, Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Cayuga, and Onondaga peoples. This union was based on peace and trade between the peoples grew.

The Iroquois legend of the Tree of Peace.

Eagle Child Native Flute Music

Eagle honors the Tree of Peace with this tribute:

Let us find a way to get along – “The Tree of Peace Tribute” . . .

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When we lived in Edmonton, we often went to West Edmonton Mall. At that time there was a store called Northern Images. It was a cooperative of Canada’s Native artisans. Sculptures, carvings, jewelry, hide outfits, wool outfits with needlework. It was here that we saw ‘the Tree of Peace’ sculpture and it was always displayed in the window.   Today it graces our living room. Eagle enjoyed the traditional carvings and this was a tribute to the human beings connection to our Father and our Mother.

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The turtle of Turtle Island infographic courtesy of D.W. .