Life’s Presentations

Whenever Eagle presented the native culture, he focused on the Sacred Circle and on the numerology of life’s presentations.  Although I listened to his many presentations, I always felt refreshed by the teachings.  And I always heard what I needed to hear.  Eagle also spoke to his audiences in a manner that enabled them to understand the teachings, regardless of age and mindset.

Life’s Presentations

The human beings face challenges – individually and collectively.  Our life experiences make up our earth walk which can be understood through the applications of life’s presentations within the web of life known as the Sacred Hoop.  The Sacred Circle as seen through the four directions, their totems, and their strengths have been previously described.  Now life’s presentations through numbers shall be illustrated. 

the number 4

Eagle reviewed the number 4 as the gifts of Great Spirit – water, air, earth, and fire – after the teachings from the Sacred Circle.  Mother Earth has four directions; our houses and rooms have four corners; and many objects we use (table, boxes, paper, calendars) have four sides.  We live in a world of four as we, our world, and Mother Earth are made of water, air, earth, and fire.  Since all is connected within the web of life, it is of utmost importance that we look after the four elements of life – that we look after ourselves and Mother Earth in a good way. 

the number 3

The next teaching was illustrated by the number 3 which states that the directives of Great Spirit tell us to look after our BODY, our SPIRIT, and our MIND.  Eagle taught that SPIRIT was the most important of the three – our chakra system reflects this teaching – and, therefore, is “center stage” to our body and our mind.  We are each responsible for looking after our interconnection of body, spirit, mind in a good way.  This makes total sense when you realize that we are individually and collectively united in the Sacred Hoop of life. 

the number 7

When we extend the teachings of looking after ourselves and the four gifts of life, we come to the number 7.  How interesting . . . 3 plus 4 equals 7 . . . and seven is the exact number of letters of the three learnings . . . BALANCE, HARMONY, RESPECT.  We learn balance with our relationships and environments when we have a win-win attitude.  We learn harmony when we are at peace with ourselves; this peace is reflected in our relationships and in our connection to all life.  And we learn respect of our connection to the Sacred Hoop when we respect ourselves and all our relations on Mother Earth. 

the number 2

This brings us to the number 2, the number of choice.  When we realize our relationships and connections are extensions of ourselves, we are reminded that, as Eagle said, “What we do to others, we do to ourselves.”  If we are to keep the balance, harmony, and respect of looking after ourselves and all our relations in a good way, we must choose HARMLESSNESS in the decisions we make so we do not harm ourselves.  When we look after Mother Earth in a good way, we are looking after ourselves in a good way; and, therefore, balance and harmony are reflected in the respect we have for the Sacred Hoop.

EagleChild teaching

Eagle truly believed in HARMLESSNESS if the human beings are to heal and be in the Sacred Hoop in a good way.  We need to “find a way to get along” and harmlessness is the focus that will enable us to unite as one.  Eagle often said, “Get out of your head and into your heart.”  Let’s make our choices in our hearts . . . and “Choose HARMLESSNESS”.

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 “All things are our relatives; what we do to everything, we do to ourselves.  All is really One.”  Black Elk

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