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When Eagle named the songs, he would listen to the song and write down the title that the song gave him.  He rarely listened to the song twice.  This was also true of the titles of the albums – sometimes he knew the album title before he recorded the songs.  The music was never written.  He would go to the studio, play the songs, and pick up the masters when they were ready. 

This process was especially amazing to me when he collaborated with Rob Wallace who played keyboard on two of Eagle’s albums.  They clued into each other’s moments precisely.  Rob has studied music all his life and is a multiple NAMI (Native American Music Award) winner and Grammy nominee known for his own recordings and for recordings with Native American musicians.  Eagle, at the other end of the spectrum, had only typing lessons on the old Underwood typewriter to enable him to play the native flute.  (He always credited his typing teacher for teaching the fingering technique.)  The story being . . .

Eagle had experienced a horrendous bicycle accident when his jacket that was draped over the bicycle bar got caught in the spokes of the front wheel as he was travelling downhill.  The bicycle flipped (back wheel over front wheel) taking Eagle into a flip that landed him on his back.  His hands landed on the pavement first – he was wearing a huge ring on his right hand which saved further injury to his hand – and his heals absorbed the impact of the flip.    All this meant that he was unable to handcraft the sterling silver jewelry he designed.  To get his finger dexterity back he picked up a native flute he had been gifted and “became good at it”. 

Eagle later collaborated with Patrick Ki, an internationally recognized acoustic guitarist, and together they played at various venues in the Verde Valley and the Prescott Valley.  It was at this time that Eagle recorded “Wings for the Heart” and Patrick also began his recording career.

Eagle would channel the melodies flawlessly and would only be able to repeat the song by listening to it endlessly . . . which he did not do.  Eagle also said that, when he played the native flute, the music reflected the audience he played for.  Songs just for you! 

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Songs Just for You!

Over the years Eagle had a collection of thirteen flutes that ranged from low G to a high “tweeter”.  His favorite Native flutes were made by High Spirit Flutes — he said that they were always in tune.  He also encouraged people to buy these flutes made by Odell Borg whenever asked about purchasing one. 

Eagle Child Music and Teachings

“Music will play a most important role in bringing about world oneness, for music embodies the Universal Heart, the Oneness-Heart.” Sri Chinmoy

Allow Spirit to guide you into Oneness . . . “Wings for the Heart”.

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